The Art of Layering

Sep 16th 2019

When it comes to transitional fashions, it's all about layering. As the weather changes from sunny summer days to cooler fall days, you will want layering pieces that can help you adapt to the changes in temperature. Stay comfortable and stylish with the art of layering!

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When summer turns into fall, the mornings are especially cold. When you are stepping out to begin your day, you will want to layer up with a warm jacket. However, as the morning turns to afternoon, things are going to heat up. Wear your jacket over a T-shirt or light long-sleeve shirt to stay comfortable all day long. Pairing a leather jacket with a graphic T-shirt and floral skirt is a stylish outfit that transitions perfectly from summer to fall.

Don't want to say goodbye to your favorite summer dress just yet? Wear your summer dresses with a turtleneck or t-shirt layered underneath to transition from summer to fall. Get the most wear possible out of your favorite pieces while still dressing appropriately for the weather. A turtleneck can keep you warm, while the breezy fabric of your favorite summer dress can keep that summer spirit alive before the leaves start to fall.

It isn't time to put your tank tops away just yet. Layer a tank top or tube top under a button-down blouse during the transitional period between summer and fall. If the temperature gets too hot, you can unbutton your top and show off the tank top or tube top you have layered underneath. Not only can you stay comfortable, but you can also experiment with textures and colors when layering these pieces.

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